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XML-DEV serves as an open, publicly archived, unmoderated list supporting XML implementation and development. XML-DEV emphasizes active participation through code development, creation of protocols and specifications, and other material contributions such as reference resources. Hosted by OASIS, XML-DEV facilitates the productive discussion of XML topics.

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XML-DEV was created in January 1997 by Prof. Peter Murray-Rust of the University of Nottingham (UK) and Dr. Henry Rzepa of Imperial College (UK) and was managed and operated by them with the help of resources generously donated by Imperial College until February 2000, when operation of the list was transferred to OASIS. The efforts of Prof. Murray-Rust and Dr. Rzepa played a critical role in the evolution of structured information standards. XML-DEV was the key resource for coordinating software development while the XML specification itself was in draft. Over the years, many important resources have resulted from XML-DEV. One of the most significant contributions was the development of the SAX API for XML parsers, constructed by more than 100 members on the list and coordinated by David Megginson. SAX is now universally accepted as a de facto standard.

The work of Dr. Rzepa and Prof. Murray-Rust in maintaining XML-DEV contributed immeasurably to XML's adoption and implementation. OASIS provides continuing resources to host this open forum through XML.org as a service to the community.

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