Sponsoring a Focus Area

Funding for XML.org Focus Areas is provided by select members of OASIS, the international standards consortium. Focus Area site sponsors are recognized as leaders in the open standards community, and their support helps to education, sustain, and grow markets for standards-compliant products and services.

Benefits of sponsorship

  • Display of corporate logo on all pages within the Focus Area
  • Link from corporate logo to the member's homepage (or other page specific to site topic, as determined by the member) on every page in the site
  • Link to a resource provided by the member (white paper, technical article, recorded webinar, case study, slide presentation, etc.) relevant to the Focus Area in a Sponsored Links box that appears on every page in the site
  • Company description and link on the Focus Area's Sponsors page
  • Recognition in OASIS press releases concerning the Focus Area
  • Opportunity to submit quotes for OASIS press releases on the Focus Area
  • Recognition in OASIS News coverage of the Focus Area

The annual sponsorship fee for an XML.org Focus Area is 6,000 USD for OASIS Sponsor-level members. OASIS Foundational Sponsors may sponsor Focus Areas as part of their membership package.


XML.org Focus Area sponsorship is open to all OASIS Foundational- and Sponsor-level members. Organizations interested in sponsoring an XML.org Focus Area are invited to join OASIS to take advantage of this and other benefits of membership.


For more information, contact OASIS Communications.

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