BLUE Energy and Collaboration

The OASIS Blue Initiative is described at and linked from the OASIS home page.

One motivation for "transactive energy" is to allow the consumption of energy to better track cost. (see, for example, the GridWise Architecture Council [] for"Principles of the intelligent, transactive, energy system").

The cost of power varies through the day. And at the peak demand the oldest, least efficient generation comes on line to try to keep the lights on. On the other hand, at night (or on high wind days) the wholesale price of energy may go negative.

By allowing the price to track the cost, we can limit the need for expensive new infrastructure to generate and transmit peaks that today only happen a few times a year, saving perhaps a trillion dollars on infrastructure in North America. (Yes, a trillion isn't what it used to be, but adding the costs and return to power rates will be noticed!)

What aspects of transactive energy create problems? Concerns? New opportunities?

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