Editorial guidelines

XML.org Focus Areas are based on trust in a community of participants that behave in a manner that helps others.

Contributing content

Focus Areas encourage content contributions from the community. There is no charge to post content to an XML.org Focus Area. Users may:

To contribute content, users must register and be logged in to the Focus area site. Registration is open to everyone. To register, a user must simply provide an email address and answer a basic math question (to verify the request comes from a human).

Technical work

XML.org Focus Areas allow contributors to benefit from one another's experiences by articulating use cases, collaborating on best practices, and sharing information.

It is important to note, however, that actual work on creating or revising an OASIS Standard or specification must take place within an OASIS Committee, under the open OASIS Technical Process. This process, which governs issues such as transparency, contributions, licensing, participation, and disclosure, assures that OASIS Standards remain widely available and safe to implement, produced in an open, democratic, and accountable method.

All those who wish to participate in standards development or more closely observe this work are strongly encouraged to join OASIS. A variety of membership levels are offered to assure that everyone affected by standards may contribute to their creation.

For those who would like to provide feedback on OASIS work, a "comment" form is provided on each OASIS Committee homepage. Feature requests for additions or changes to specifications should be directed through these comment forms. All comments are documented and reviewed by the appropriate OASIS Committee members and publicly archived.

Links and attribution

XML.org is not intended to serve as a repository for materials hosted on other sites, nor to violate the rights of any third party. When referencing external publications, a user should not insert or republish a full document, even if they own the document. Instead, insert only excerpts from, or links to, such documents. If you are not the owner of a document, be sure to provide an excerpt that is sufficiently brief to fall within the "fair use" exemption under copyright law, or create your own summary. In addition, authors should not relinquish copyrights on their materials.

When referencing XML.org content on other sites or documents, individuals should respect the source of the material and include appropriate attribution.

Inappropriate content

OASIS reserves the right to remove any content that it deems inaccurate, inappropriate, misleading, not directly related to the Focus Area topic, or not in keeping with the mission of the site. Those who violate these editorial guidelines repeatedly may be prohibited from future participation.


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