XML and Web Services In The News - Friday 20 September 2002

Next-Gen Web Services: CTOs grapple with security, data transformation
Heather Harreld, InfoWorld

CTOs agree that with lack of standards for security and guaranteed message delivery are barriers to collaborative applications.

The Plane Deal at JetBlue Airways
Debra Donston, eWeek

The purchase piece (transactions) of the JetBlue's company store, ShopBlue, is driven by Web services.

JAXR: a Web Services Building Block
Sameer Tyagi, JavaPro

The Java XML (JAX) Pack provides the core set of APIs that facilitate the building of Web services in Java.

Next-Gen Web Services: Eyeing the process prize
Carolyn A. April, InfoWorld

Web services and continued standardization should ease the pain of business process automation.

Google founder embraces Web services

Google is pushing innovation based on Web services for the future.

Sun Tackles Security
Dennis Fisher, eWeek

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced a broad security initiative that includes two new solutions, a new partner program, consulting services, training and the release of a new cryptographic technology.

Sun Offers Developers Interoperability Prototype for Liberty
XML Cover Pages

An Interoperability Prototype for Liberty (IPL) was among several announcements issued by Sun Microsystems at the SunNetwork 2002 Conference and Pavilion. IPL is based upon the Liberty Alliance Version 1.0 specification and has been designed for developers who want to build or test Liberty-enabled applications for identity management. Both IPL and the Liberty specification are based on open standards such as SAML 1.0, XML, and SOAP.

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